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Kava токен. Битва за миллиарды. Почему таксисты сражаются за рынок


    Their token has a wide sphere of usage: — Staking and Validation: Kava holders can use their tokens to participate in the network and get incentives from the network usage.

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    Small token holders can delegate their tokens to big kava токен validators and get a share of income from it. Validators will guarantee network security and will confirm all transactions in kava токен for transaction fees. We find the tokenomics reasonable.

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    The only concern is a great difference between private and crowd prices. Crowdsale price is 0. We want to highlight that all private sale tokens are kava токен for at least 6 months 1 year for 0.

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    We believe this is quite a strict distribution model, which will allow fair price discovery. Overall, we see that Kava has a huge short term potential, and if they achieve their long kava токен targets it will level all our concerns about the private sale price.

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    Importantly, the mainnet is scheduled for the 5th of November, which will make a positive newsbreak just in a few weeks after trading starts. While Q1 and Q2 are full of exciting developments according to the roadmap!

    kava токен лучшие форумы по бинарным опционам

    Verdict: 9.